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Welcome to a World Class Fishing Destination, the Cajun Paradise!!!

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RV Trailer Lodging is starting at Only $75.00 Per Angler per night.

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Bull Redfish Welcome to a World Class Fishing Destination, the Cajun Paradise!!!
Born and raised in southeast Louisiana, Captain Dude!!! Dudenhefer has lived most of his life on the bayou. With endless marshes and a vast network of waterways at his doorstep, Dudenhefer could access some of finest year round fishing grounds in the world.And he learned quickly, mastering the marshes from Shell Beach to Hopedale, Delacroix to Point a la Hache. This was his back yard. There were alligators, porpoises, otters, raccoons, nutria, wading birds, pelicans and waterfowl. The wildlife was fascinating - the fishing phenomenal. And still is. In this diverse fishery, Dudenhefer learned how to target and catch redfish, speckled trout, bass, flounder, black drum and sheepshead in the interior/coastal areas. In the nearby offshore waters he found many other incredible species such as cobia, red snapper jack crevalle and grouper. New Orleans, Louisiana is home of many beautiful and unique areas, hosting one of the world's most renowned fisheries. Just to let you know. the rumors are true about fishing in southern Louisiana. Speckled trout fishing here is the best in the world. When the conditions are right, the most exciting way to catch speckled trout is on top water lures. Louisiana speckled trout fishing brings on explosive strikes with the fish knocking the top water lures out of the water!!! It's not uncommon to reel in 3-6 pound Trophy Trout!!! on a regular basis. They make excellent trophies for your wall and are the Best eating.

Dudenhefer's Fishing Charters, Inc. is Recognized as The Oldest, Largest and most popular full-time fishing guide service in Hopedale Louisiana. Our Guarantee to catch fish each and every day, gives you the confidence that our guides will give you a trip of a lifetime!!!

Dudenhefer's Fishing Charters is the Largest Lodging facility in Hopedale and can Accommodate up to a total of 62 guests.
Each Boat can accommodate up to 6 anglers and with 15 Boats are ready to serve up to 90 anglers!!! So Jump on Board!!!

Large Corporate Group Charters are available to provide Exciting Fishing Adventures for your Group Events and Team Building for your company!!! It's a creative way to show appreciation to Clients, Partners, Employees and Vendors too. Call today to make your customized arrangements.

Since 1952, The Dudenhefer family has been well known in Hopedale for Dudenhefer's Marina and Convenience Store, Dudenhefer's Fishing Charters and commercial shrimp and crab fishing. That's one of the many reasons why the Bayou is named Dudenhefer's Bayou!!!

This area east of the Mississippi River gives meaning to the name Sportsman's Paradise. And Dudenhefer knew long ago that there was something very special about this place. Anything we wanted to catch was right at our back door, said Dudenhefer. So that's what we did.

Dudenhefer, began fishing with his father and grandfather when he was just three years old. He soon began working with his father, a commercial fisherman, and then several years later when family owned and operated Dudenhefer's Marina and Convenience Store Inc. With more than 40 years experience, Dudenhefer often gave customers tips on where to find fish - and how to catch them. It was tough having to run the marina while everyone else got to go fishing, Dudenhefer said. I still fished when ever I could - mostly in the evenings and on weekends. Many customers came to Dudenhefer's Marina and Convenience Store for the fast, friendly service. Buy most of the anglers came for the priceless fishing tips from
Captain Dude!!!".

If you want to catch Monster Bull Redfish!!! Like this one the Dude!!! Can put you on them!!! One of the hardest things to do is stop these Monster Bull Redfish!!! From breaking your line off on the columns of the rigs or cutting off your line with their gill plate. When one runs in the rig don't pull back on the line the red will saw the line off on the barnacles on the pilings just wait until they bump their nose and the will just swim back out. This is where Braided fishing line will get you more fish than using Mono filament fishing line.

On your Charter we will be targeting Trophy Trout!!! You can't describe the action when you are hooked up on a Trophy Trout!!! The fish is moving it head side to side trying to spit out the hook at the same time it's jumping out of the water!!! When they hit the top water lures it a viscous strike. When catching Trophy Trout!!! On LIVE CROAKERS they kill the Croaker on the first hit then swallow it head first on the second bite.

Come on down to Louisiana for the experiences and excitement that makes Louisiana charter fishing a Sportsman Paradise!!!
Let's Go Fishing!!! New Orleans Fishing Charters Just 30 Minutes Away!!!

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