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Rig Fishing

Red Snapper!!!

Mr. Lester Sarpy, Thomas Kelley, Barry Yokum, Gene Dodd, we started down the ship channel in search of some Red and Mangrove Snapper, Lemon Fish, and Grouper!!! The weather was scattered thunder storms 2'- 3' wave's incoming tide just, perfect for an offshore trip. We stopped at one of my Hot spots we were using dead shad on the bottom. Wham!!! Snapper on ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! We lost a lot of hooked up fish. Later I hook up on a Nice Grouper landed it but only 20 inches long back in the water. Wham!!! Gene hooked another 2 Groupers they both were keepers. While were all were on Red and Mangro Snappers. One of the trigger fish that I caught flipped about 6 inches off of the floor of the boat and bites my little finger; it almost took out a chunk!!! Needless to say I BIT HIM BACK after he hit the pan!!! Latter in the day My good friend Walter and his wife Brenda Lavine pulled up and we hit the water with spear gun in hand. I decided to just site see as I did not want to spear any fish with the 7 5'to 6' Barracudas that were just staring at me like chum!!! Latter Walter brought up 3 Big Groupers!!! This was one of many great Memorable Fishing Trips!!! We caught: 2 Grouper 12 Red Snappers 4 Mangroves Snappers 3 Trigger fish

Dinner Table Grouper and Snappers!!!
Dinner Table Full of 2 Grouper 12 Red Snappers 4 Mangroves Snappers and 3 Trigger fish!!!

Dude and Red Snapper!!!
Dude and Red Snapper!!!

Dude and Red Snapper!!!
Dude and Red Snapper!!!